Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope



Encourage the scientific curiosity of students with the Zoomy all-in-one digital microscope. The Zoomy is easy for even a young child to use. Hold the hand-friendly scope over an object, turn the top to focus, then press the single control button to take videos or still images up to 43x magnification. Supports students as they record observations and investigations. Great for lab reports, presentations and authentic assessment for digital portfolios. Sharply detailed images enrich whole-class and individual explorations. Use with your computer, projector or interactive whiteboard. Grades PreK–12.

Key Features:

  • Plugs into computer to display/demonstrate magnified images
  • Powered by USB connection to your computer — no batteries required
  • Provides clear and sharp high-resolution images
  • Illuminates dark settings or objects
  • Adjusts automatically to LED light available
  • Fits perfectly in child’s hand and positions easily to view difficult objects
  • Works with almost any computer. Unit automatically recognized as USB device
  • Not compatible with Mac version 10.9


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