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WordQ Desktop is an easy-to-install and simple-to-use desktop software that has helped millions of people around the world read, write, and communicate with ease and independence.

Including state-of-the-art word prediction, text-to-speech capability for better comprehension and effective proofreading, talk-to-type speech recognition (for PC only), and lots more. WordQ Desktop is completely secure and doesn’t require an internet connection, except to download it. Available with Standard or Professional vocabularies for both Mac and PC, WordQ Desktop works with you virtually anywhere that you type on your computer.


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WordQ Desktop Features

  • Floating Toolbar: WordQ Desktop’s Floating Toolbar is where you access all of WordQ’s features and settings. It follows along with you as you navigate to different programs and applications, online and offline, allowing you to use as few or as many features as you need, anywhere you need them.
  • Word Prediction: Based on years of research, WordQ’s smart Word Prediction provides accurate word suggestions for you to choose from in as few as 1.3 keystrokes while offering synonyms and examples for commonly confused words.
  • Speech Feedback: Speech Feedback reads aloud what you write as you type, helping you catch mistakes and learn proper pronunciation.
  • Proofreading: Proofreading mode reads what you have written read back to you, making it easier to catch any mistakes and typos you missed.
  • Speech Recognition: Built-in Speech Recognition (available for PC only) offers an easy-to-use, easy-to-train, talk-to-text dictation option.
  • ThoughtQ Topic Research: This feature integrates lists that relate to your topic, making it easier to find connections and research new topics safely and easily, and prioritizes words related to your topic in Word Prediction.
  • PDF Access: Use PDF Access to fill out forms, complete assignments, and take tests in PDF format with the help of all of WordQ Desktop’s features.
  • Multiple Users and Language Profiles: Create multiple profiles for the users on your home computer, in any of the languages available in your version of WordQ Desktop.
  • Abbreviation Expansion: Create your own list of abbreviations that, when typed, will expand to the full phrase, saving you time and effort.
  • Customizable Topic Lists: Customize your topic lists in WordQ Desktop by uploading word sets that can be prioritized in your Word Prediction list.
  • Exam Mode: Exam mode can help you out with testing accommodations, providing an accessible area for students who need to use WordQ Desktop’s accessibility features during tests and exams.

Which is better for me, WordQ or WordQ Pro?

WordQ Desktop has two different vocabulary options to choose from at the time of trial or purchase. WordQ Desktop’s Standard Vocabulary offers those who use it word prediction suggestions from an 80,000-word, profanity-free and bias-free background dictionary, and is recommended for students in elementary or secondary school. WordQ Pro’s Professional Vocabulary includes a 110,000-word background dictionary and is generally recommended for post-secondary students and working professionals.

WordQ Desktop v5 Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 2-core 1GHz
Memory: 2GB
Disk: 2GB free space
OS: Windows 7 and up / macOS 10.13 and up
Internet connection required for software activation

License: Single User, Annual, Downloadable

Additional information

License Option

WordQ Desktop, WordQ Pro Desktop


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