LITTLE Step-by-Step with Levels | Speech Generating Device


Move into multi-message communication with the LITTLE Step-by-Step speech device. Activate the colored top to play the first message. When done, activate the top again to play another message.


Move into multi-message communication with the LITTLE Step-by-Step speech device. Activate the colored top to play the first message. When done, activate the top again to play another message. New sequences of messages are easily and quickly recorded to the LITTLE Step-by-Step on the fly, or use the levels pre-record up to three sets of messages ahead of time.

Record a series of messages to this dedicated speech generating device and then activate the 2.5-in/6.35-cm switch top to play each message back one at a time. Includes 4-minutes of record time, three recording levels, and supports the use of an external switch for alternative methods of access.

Levels are ideal for pre-recorded sequential messages to be used at specific times of the day, or for recording and storing sequential messages that are used on a regular basis. With a total of four minutes of recording time, there is no limit to the number of messages per level.


  • Record pages of a book to tell a story
  • Count from 1 to 10
  • Ask a series of questions to hold a conversation
  • Add communication to a switch controlled toy or appliance


  • Better than ever digital sound output
  • Includes red, yellow, green and blue coloured tops
  • Clear snap cover to attach picture symbols and provide communication context to the user
  • Soft-touch coating makes the device easier to hold.

Technical specifications:

  • Messages/Levels: As many as you can record in 4-min/3
  • Recording Time: 4-min.
  • Switch Input: 1
  • Toy/Appliance Output/ECU: 1
  • Activation Surface: 2.5-in/6.4-cm
  • Activation Force: 2-3-oz/57-85g
  • Weight with Battery: 8.5oz/241g
  • Battery Type: 9-volt – It is highly recommended to use a standard Alkaline 9V battery with this device. Alternative batteries may be comprised of materials that do not distribute power in a suitable manner, and when installed, some users may experience inconsistencies.
  • Mounting Connection: Universal Mounting Plate

About AbleNet
In 1985 AbleNet was founded with the core mission of helping individuals with disabilities reach their human potential. It started with a simple piece of assistive technology available only in Minnesota and has evolved to a portfolio of AbleNet assistive technology solutions available globally. AbleNet’s company approach has been to develop outstanding products and combine that strength with an operational excellence model. By concentrating on powerful products and highly efficient operations, AbleNet has become a global leader in its categories of products.

Through its extensive history in assistive technology and a unique operational excellence model, AbleNet expanded its offering to include high-tech speech-generating devices (SGDs) paid for by medical insurance in the United States. The expansion into this business has allowed AbleNet to help many more individuals reach their human potential by providing voices to the voiceless. AbleNet works with thousands of clinic- and school-based speech-language pathologists to deliver its high-tech speech device, QuickTalker Freestyle, to their clients and students in a matter of days or weeks – allowing the recipient’s communication journey to begin.

Looking for other AbleNet products? Secrest is proud to distribute the AbleNet product line to our customers in Canada. A few select AbleNet products can be purchased directly through our webstore, however customers can also view the full line of AbleNet products on their website and request a Canadian price quote from us.

Click here to view the AbleNet website, then Contact Us for a price quote or to order.


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