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Created for grades 5-12, ideamapper enables students to brainstorm and input creative thoughts via visual mind maps, using these as prompts to create well-structured work.

Using images and icons in maps aids creativity and helps the user to absorb and retain more information.


Example of ideamapper: mind mapping software to help with brainstorming and structuring written material.

Benefits of ideamapper include:

  • Improved structure: Whatever you write is structured automatically, with ideas and written content instantly visible in split-screen mode.
  • Time saving: Brainstorm, structure, write, edit & publish from one single application, and use the ‘Auto Link’ tool to help get thoughts down before they disappear.
  • ideamapper helps the student to focus on specific areas of their work without getting overwhelmed by the detail.
  • Manage information in different forms: Unique 3D view increases interactivity, providing a more tactile sense of the abstract. It also helps visualize the structure of larger maps with ease.
  • Compatible: Easily import and edit Inspiration’s documents.
  • 100’s of templates for core curriculum, 1000’s of modern clip art images included.


Volume pricing and annual subscription options are also available! Please contact to inquire. 

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Windows   |   MacOS   |   Linux


Other ideamapper versions:

ideamapper4kids: designed for K-4 students

ideamapper4students: designed for post-secondary students

ideamapper4studentsAT: designed for post-secondary students who benefit from additional AT support


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