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Recognized for their high quality and dependability, the best-selling Gumball Adapted Switches by Enabling Devices features a 2½” activation surface. Provides extraordinary tactile and audible feedback. Removable base has three holes for easy mounting. Comes with two plastic covers – one with a lip, one without.

Gumball Adapted Switch – 2½-inch activation surface
The Gumball Switches activate a variety of devices. Users recognize this best-selling product for its dependability and high quality. It offers outstanding audible and tactile feedback. The removable base has three holes for mounting and two plastic covers — one with a lip and one without. Gumball Switches are similar to Jelly Beans, Buddy Buttons or Bid Buddy Buttons.

A 2½-Inch Activation Surface Gumball Switch for Special Needs
This adapted switch connects to compatible toys and devices to let people with disabilities use them. The standard Gumball Switch’s features include:

  • A 2½-inch activation surface for people who can access a smaller target area
  • Two included plastic covers — one with a lip and one without
  • Removable mounting plate with three mounting holes
  • Compatibility with Gumball Switch accessories from Enabling Devices
  • The Gumball Switch was designed for easy operation and long-lasting use. These features and more make it a staple in our customers’ homes and learning spaces.

Uses of an Adapted Switch Button for Disabilities
The Gumball Switch activates a variety of adapted devices to help people with disabilities in everyday life. Press the button to:

  • Learn: The Gumball Switch works with adapted educational tools that teach concepts like cause and effect.
  • Play: We sell a wide selection of switch adapted toys and games that let everyone have fun.
  • Communicate: When you connect the Gumball Switch to a communication device, you can use it to play a message or show an image.
  • People with a wide range of motor abilities can use the Gumball Switch to make their daily lives more accessible.

The Adapted Gumball Switch — Mountable Wherever You Need It
Using the three holes on the base, you can mount the Gumball Switch on surfaces like:

  • Mobility aids
  • Assistive clamps and arms
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Walls
  • You may even discover more places where you can mount it!

Who Uses Gumball Activation Switches?
Since Gumball Switches help people with certain motor needs, customers like the ones below can buy it for themselves or someone else:

  • Adults and children with disabilities
  • Family members and loved ones
  • Care organizations
  • Teachers and occupational therapists
  • These switches help customers and the people they know operate devices.

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