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Glean is the antidote to information overload for improved learning, productivity, and student success.

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Glean is the antidote to information overload for improved learning, productivity, and student success. Our inclusive learning technology empowers students of all abilities to take meaningful audio notes with a proven note taking process. Our technology doesn’t take notes for you, instead it scaffolds how you learn from information so you build effective note taking skills.

Designed for colleges and universities, Glean for Education facilitates learning across campus with a suite of note taking tools that build 21st century skills and streamline student support. The Glean Team’s note taking specialists work with educators and students alike to unleash learning potential.

Your students leave 65% of information behind in class. We rely on oral instruction to teach, but it’s difficult for students to capture spoken information effectively. Imagine their learning potential if they had access to everything?

It’s time to modernize learning with smart note taking.


NEW! Transcription has arrived in Glean for Individuals!

Product Delivery: 

Glean is a web-based software so no physical product is shipped to the customer. To purchase, select the type of license you would like (1 year, 2 year, 3 year, or 4 year), click on “Add to Cart” and complete the purchase.

Your order will be received by the Secrest team, who will send an invitation to the end user’s email address that has been provided. If the purchaser is not the end user, please make sure to provide the end user contact information in the “Order Notes” section during check out. It may take 2-3 business days for the invitation to be sent.

Once the invitation is sent to the end user, the time will start running on that license – make sure that the person using it is ready to have it set up to maximize the amount of time they have to use it.

PLEASE NOTE: All web-based software products are non-refundable once the invitation has been sent to the end-user. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check the system requirements of any product prior to purchase. 

Once you purchase a software product and Secrest Resources or the Publisher sends you the activation invitation, you are responsible for confirming your ability to access the software. The buyer bears all risk of loss after downloading the application or receiving the license key, including any loss due to a computer or hard drive malfunction. If you are unable to complete a download or access an application, please contact Secrest Resources customer service for assistance. We will do our best to troubleshoot any issues and help you get started. If necessary, we will put you directly in contact with the manufacturer for further support.

We do not offer exchanges or give refunds for wrongful purchases once the invitation is sent to the end user.

Supported devices & platforms

Glean Web
Glean is a web application which can be accessed on any laptop or desktop computer through the Chrome web browser.
It works on any operating system: Windows, Mac, Chromebooks and Linux.

Glean Mobile
Glean has both an iOS (iPhone and iPad) and an Android app.

Glean Web Specifications

Supported browsers

Desktop web browsers:

Glean is currently tested and supported on the latest versions of  Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for use on a computer (laptop, desktop or Chromebook).
Get the latest version of Google Chrome
Get the latest version of Microsoft Edge

Mobile web browsers:

For Mobile use, we recommend users download the Glean app for iOS or Android.
We don’t test extensively on mobile browsers, so we have restricted access to Glean on mobile browsers.
Download iOS app
Download Android app

System Requirements

  • System Recommendations: Dual Core 2.4GHz Processor (or higher), 8GB Ram; Minimum: Dual Core 1.6 GHz Processor, 4GB RAM
  • Storage: Glean records at approximately 50mb per hour, that’s around 20 hours of recording per GB of storage. PDFs added to your Event will increase the storage needs.
  • Important! Devices which might not meet minimum requirements may encounter problems with recordings longer than one hour and when using other apps alongside Glean.

Operating Systems

  • Windows: Windows 10 recommended; Windows 7 minimum (Glean only supports 64-bit systems)
  • Mac: Mac OS 10.14 High Sierra (or higher) recommended; Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite minimum 
  • Chromebook: Any device within its Auto Update Expiry (AUE) date, that meets the system requirements recommended; Any device that meets the system and browser requirements minimum\
  • Linux: 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.3+, or Fedora Linus 2.4+ minimum 

Glean Mobile Specifications

  • Android: Android 10 recommended; Android 7 (Nougat) or higher minimum
  • iOS: iOS 13 or higher recommended; iOS 12 (earliest supported device is the iPhone 5s) minimum 

Additional information

Type of license

1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year


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