Making a Difference For People With Disabilities
AbleNet is a world leader in assistive technology and services to help individuals with disabilities lead productive and fulfilling lives. They believe that all people deserve the tools to help them learn about, interact with, and participate in the world around them. Whether that’s a child in the classroom, an adult recovering from an injury, a veteran with a permanent disability, or a senior who wants to remain at home, AbleNet is there helping improve their lives.

AbleNet develops, manufactures, and markets a vast portfolio of technology products and solutions that are designed specifically for individuals with disabilities. Secrest Resources is proud to distribute the AbleNet product line to our customers in Canada. A few select AbleNet products can be purchased directly through our webstore, however customers can also view the full line of AbleNet products on their website and request a Canadian price quote from us.

Click here to view the AbleNet website, then Contact Us for a price quote or to order.



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